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We are the areas only provider of the FIT3D Body Scanner!

What is it?

Fit3D produces a patented 3D Body Scanner (Fit3D Pro Scanner) that captures a full 3D body scan in 35 seconds. This scan is then used to provide the user with the most compelling view into their wellness, including 3D imagery, measurements, body shape scoring, posture analysis, and body composition. While body fat percentage is important, our research partners are finding it significantly more important to an individual’s health to understand how an individual’s body mass is distribution and proportioned throughout their body.

Fit3D works with the leading health and wellness institutions from around the world, including UCSF, LSU, Ryerson University, SF Austin State, and others. Fit3D was used to capture the subject’s weight, balance, and anthropometric measurements including landmark locations, joint locations, circumferences, heights, surface areas, volumes, sagittal measurements, contours, and widths. DXA was used to capture the subject’s total body fat percentage. With this information, the Fit 3D scanner was produced. The new body fat algorithm!

Single Session: Scan Only: $25.00 Call for Appointment

Single Session Scan and Scan Consultation: $40.00 Call for Appointment

Learn how it works!

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